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About Us

We know that handicraft Industry is heart of Golden India. In old days people are used to employ themselves with the help of handicrafts products. Thereby they are giving significant contribution to growth of our country.

We as a SR Craft are doing the same thing at small level whereby we provide an opportunity to needy & skillful people to help themselves by promoting their own handicraft products across world.
Our vision is to become a leading handicrafts company in India by providing best quality handicrafts products, thereby we would like to create positive & bonafide image of Indian Handicrafts Industry across the world
In a modern era we are used to adopt new products & services that offers us comfort and which do not signifies our own Indian Tradition. In a earlier days people are proud to own Indian made products. But now-a-days people are interested in foreign & branded products which are either not an original products or it is a adopted product from our ancient History which is packed in a very attractive way. So being a true Indian we must have to proud to use our own, genuine & original products. And therefore we at SR Craft engaging peoples who are making such type of handicrafts products and thereby we provide them opportunity to market themselves and thereby our Indian tradition across the world.


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